CEXISWAP is a decentralized multi-chain exchange that offers users the best price by bridging liquidity across DEXs and CEXs through innovative Trade Pipe Technology (TPT). The TPT is built into a DEX to execute users’ orders based on the demand and trading conditions.
CEXISWAP is highly versatile and adaptable; it’s both a multi-chain DEX and a multi-chain Bridge that can be further developed and integrated with other DeFi protocols. One example of such use cases would be providing or consuming liquidity from a non-custodial borrowing and lending protocol.
CEXISWAP’s mission is to liberate liquidity, thus addressing the most serious DeFi 2.0 problems and making the technology accessible for the crypto community.
Competitive prices, user-friendly trading experience (no deposit required), zero price slippage, lower gas fees, and front-run protection are among the competitive advantages of CEXISWAP.